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Tax Resolution Services


We specialize in assisting troubled taxpayers!



Owing the IRS can be a very scary situation and navigating IRS tax law can be even scarier.  You need someone on your side that understands tax law and the resolution needed for your special situation.  At Innovative Tax Solutions we help take away your worries by offering years of experience in tax resolution advice.  We are here to provide the solutions you need to get you back in good standing with the IRS and bring peace to you and your family.

We look forward to sitting with you in our office to evaluate your unique situation.  After your initial consultation we will explain the best tax relief process for you and what you can expect during the resolution process.

Each client represents a unique situation thus not every client is charged the same rate.  Even if you owe a very large amount of money you will find our fees to be very competitive and the service we offer well worth the fee we charge.

Please do not wait to call out office to set up your initial consultation, the IRS is best dealt with immediately.  Ignoring the situation can make things more difficult, and costly, to solve later as the IRS can levy your paycheck, put liens on your property and more.