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October 04, 2023

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What makes Innovative Tax Solutions of Central Florida special

is we get to personally interact with everyone who comes in our office. 

We get to know them, we find out about their problems and their needs. 

That is special to us. We like it like that.                       

Bigger isn't always better – it's just bigger.


Tax Problems????

Did you know that in 2021 the IRS opened over 3,335,00 Taxpayer delinquency investigations and filed over 212,251 Federal Tax Liens - and this was just for individual returns?


In 2021, IRS sent more than 12.3 million notices to taxpayers for more than 12.9 million math errors identified on their returns. For TY 2019 and prior, 730,119 notices were sent for 1.0 million math errors identified.  The IRS is working more swiftly to settle accounts then ever before.


Having a problem with the IRS can consume all aspects of your life. 


Having someone with experience on your side will make all the difference in the world!!  Our experience will help guide you through the intricacies of tax law for the most favorable outcome at a reasonable price. 


We are successful because we honestly care about your results. During your initial consultation we will honestly tell you how we feel about your situation and the best way to handle your case for the best outcome. Change your life and turn your worries over to us.


Please do not wait-the IRS fines and penalties will probably outweigh what you pay our firm to represent you.  The IRS can put liens on your property, attach your paychecks, empty your bank accounts, destroy your credit, prevent you from buying a new home and many other outcomes that you don't want for you or your family.


Whether you owe back taxes or haven't filed for years we can get you back on track with the IRS and get your life back.  Dealing with the IRS and navigating tax law and IRS procedures can be at minimum a daunting task.  We have experience with what you are facing and can handle it professionally and efficiently saving you time and money!!





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